Formation of a USA Inc. or LLC

Doing business in the US can be very interesting for many entrepreneurs, and a local company will have main advantages then doing business with your foreign company.

Since residency in the US is not decisive for the formation of a company, you can also start your business in the US. Starting your own business in the US increases your credibility with local customers and ensures efficient business.


In the US, we can distinguish 2 company types, namely the:

  • LLC (Limited Liability Company), and the
  • C-Corporation, also known as Inc., or C-Corp or or Corporation

Both forms have common standards like a BV, Ltd or GmbH.

The LLC is a transparent entity form, that means that the company itself makes no profit or loss, but the person who owns the LLC will make this profit and loss. Tax wise the LLC is disregarded, that is why the LLC is also called an ‘disregard entity’. When the owners of the LLC do not live it the US, then the profit will generally not be taxed in the USA. Because of this, the LLC is often the most suitable form for European or Asian entrepreneurs who only want a presence in the US for their internet company, for example. Consultation with the local EU tax authorities is advisable, we can assist in this matter.

The Inc. / C-Corporation is nontransparent like most of the companies in Europe. Profit and loss belong to the Inc. and not directly to the company shareholders

If there is a presence in the US (personnel, supplies, management) then the C-Corporation is a better option than the LLC. The profit is taxed in the USA. The C-Corporation issues shares on which dividends can be paid. This dividend is taxed in the country of residence of the shareholder.


In the US it is also possible to set up a so-called S-Corporation, however this only applies if the shareholders actually reside in the US. There are also several providers in the US that can set up a company for you. However, almost all of them are aimed at American owners. If you want to start a business as a non-American, you must complete specific forms that are not offered as standard. That is why it is advisable to have the incorporation carried out by a non-American consultant that has knowledge of specific legislation in the Netherlands /Germany or Western Europe.

We can establish your business in the following states:


Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas

California / Colorado / Connecticut / District of Columbia / Delaware

Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana

Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana

Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan

Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana

Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire

New Jersey / New Mexico / New York

North Carolina / North Dakota

Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon

Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina

South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas

Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington

West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming


The creation can be completed within a few days. For prices and the necessary documents needed, please contact us.