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Establish LLC or Corporation (Inc.) - USA

Do you want to do business in the United States? As the best-rated economy in the world, that’s a fun challenge. Even as a non-resident of the United States, you can be an entrepreneur here. Indeed, if your sales market is primarily found in the U.S., it will benefit your reliability if your company is registered at a U.S. address. You have a clear plan and are only too eager to take the plunge. At Van Lier, we understand this well. Therefore, we can support and advise you from the plan to the actual formation of an LLC or Corporation. Which legal form is right for your plans and what should you consider?

LLC: Limited Liability Company

The LLC is the most well-known corporate form in the United States. The legal form is similar to a limited liability company (BV) or vof in the Netherlands. An LLC is formed by so-called “members. These are the shareholders who put money into the company. The profits of the LLC are allocated to the owners of the LLC and not to the LLC itself (as in the case of a limited liability company) and are therefore usually not taxed in the US, but in the home country.

Benefits LLC

The Limited Liability Company has several important advantages over other legal forms in the United States, namely:

  • Limited liability shareholder up to contributed amount
  • No restrictions to the number of shareholders
  • No required initial capital

The LLC is fiscally transparent and not independently taxable for profits. Because of this, an LLC is often the most appropriate legal form for Dutch entrepreneurs who only want to have a presence on paper in the U.S., such as with their own web shop.

Establishing (S-)Corporation

If you do want (part of) the company to operate on location in the United States, then an (S) Corporation is a recommended legal form. Entrepreneurs often use the “Inc.” abbreviation after the company name. Profits are allocated to the Corporation and taxed in the United States. The Corporation issues shares, on which dividends can be paid. Dividends, in turn, are taxed in the shareholder’s country of residence. If the shareholder is a Dutch BV, dividend tax can be avoided by using the Parent-Subsidiary Directive. Share capital may be acquired worldwide, giving this legal form unlimited potential in terms of corporate financing.

An S Corporation is considered a variant, but this requires all shareholders to be resident within the United States. There are special rules regarding shareholders and directors. Often this form is chosen when participating in larger corporations, and publicly traded companies.

Establishing LLC or Corporation - the application

Opportunities to start an LLC on Corporation in the U.S. may vary by State, and depend on regulations. Around the application and incorporation herein, you must comply with the applicable regulations within the respective State. Since this requires a lot of preliminary research, we can provide full support in applying for the chosen legal form. The following requirements apply to the formation of an LLC or Corporation in the United States:

  • Choice and registration of company name and address
  • Appointing representative in the U.S. (Corporation)
  • Application FEIN: Federal Employer Identification Number with the IRS
  • Opening bank account for business
  • Submit articles of incorporation with bylaws

The formation of an LLC or Corporation can be completed within days. To initiate incorporation, please complete the entrance form. Choose USA corporation as the legal form and follow the steps. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can establish an LLCof corporation in the following states:
Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas
California / Colorado / Connecticut / Distr of Columbia / Delaware
Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana
Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana
Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan
Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana
Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire
New Jersey / New Mexico / New York
North Carolina / North Dakota
Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon
Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina
South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas
Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington
West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming

Incorporation can be completed within a few days. To initiate incorporation, please complete the entrance form. Choose USA corporation as the legal form and follow the steps. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
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