Minimum capital

An English Limited has no minimum capital.
So you can have the English Limited founded with any capital you want, for example a share capital of 1 euro, 1,000 euro or 100,000 euro. Please note that in the event of bankruptcy of the English Limited, the trustee may decide to claim unpaid share capital. So if you have issued 10 shares of 1,000 euros via the Limited to yourself, and you have only paid 1 share of 1,000 euros to the Limited, the trustee will demand the remaining 9 shares of 1,000 euros from you. .
It is therefore advisable to determine the share capital in such a way that there is no problem with unpaid shares. In practice, an English Limited is often founded with a low share capital, for example 100 shares of 1 euro. The shareholder must therefore deposit 100 euros for this.