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Advice on Setting Up a Dutch BV or Other Company Formation

Van Lier Fiscaal Advies BV is engaged in (the fiscal guidance of) the incorporation’s of companies for entrepreneurs who have activities in the Netherlands, Germany, USA and Belgium. We also advise clients in establishing companies in the aforementioned countries.

Important (tax) issues regarding these formations are:

  • Place of management of a company / Substance over Form.
  • Transfer pricing within a group of entities, and the arm’s length calculation of the products and services rendered within a group.
  • Functional analysis of all tasks within a company.
  • Tax benefits of a company in a specific country.
  • Founding of a Dutch BV or other legal company / entity form.
  • We can assist you with the management of a company.  We also cannot refer you to a foreign director.  All clients have to appoint a director themselves.

Specialist needed for tax audit?

Fast support & advice

We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs during a tax audit.

You can request our services for:

  • Hosting the audit in our offices
  • Point of contact for the auditor
  • Negotiate for an agreement with the Tax Office
  • Conducting objection procedures
  • Conclusing VSO agreements with the Tax Office

We know the rules and conditions regarding an audit, so let a specialist assist you in this process.

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Company Formation

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Tax advice on your business structure

Tax Audits

Support during Tax Audits

Change Company Structure

Changing entity structures by transfers, mergers, partitions and share capital changes

Van Lier Fiscaal Advies BV

We often see that entrepreneurs with an online store / internet company only want a company for commercial reasons in Germany or Belgium. After all, their customers don’t often buy from a non-local company. Since they do not meet the substance requirements in the countries mentioned, there is a tax liability of the German GmbH or Belgian BVBA in their home country. We support entrepreneurs to setup the tax registration of these companies in The Netherlands. We also ensure that the tax authorities in the other countries receive a statement that tax payments will be done in the Netherlands, according to a formal statement of the Dutch Tax Authorities.

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