Incorporation of a French company, named a SA or SARL

We take care of the complete formation of a French SARL (or SAS, or SA) including:


  • Tax guidance during the incorporation
  • Contacts with lawyer / notary in France
  • Entry of the company in registers in France
  • Request tax numbers
  • Support with the opening of a local bank account with a large French international bank
  • Introduction to a local accountant, and if desired support with marketing and logistics in France (via partners)
  • Local support to obtain a business address


The duration of the incorporation is approximately 2-3 weeks, including the opening of a French bank account. The lawyer / notary does not have to be visited personally. You will receive all documents through our office. After signing the documents, the SARL can be incorporated remotely and we take care of registration.

We can distinguish the following legal forms in France:

SARL: comparable to the Dutch BV, English Ltd or German GmbH. This form has 2 or more shareholders. There is no mandatory deposit of share capital

EURL: the same as the SARL, only with 1 shareholder

SAS: Intermediate between the SARL and SA. The articles of association can be given a more flexible design. For 1 shareholder this form is called a SASU

SA: comparable to the S-Corp, AG or NV (public limited company). There is a mandatory capital deposit of 37,000 euros.

We can offer the entire process of incorporation and registration for 2,250 euros all-in. The amount is exclusive of VAT.


If you would like more information, please contact us.