Van Lier Fiscaal Advies


Yes, we can establish a business structure with multiple BVs for your company, including a Holding BV, management BV, and Work BVs, and, if necessary, foreign subsidiaries (e.g., Germany or the USA). We will also adapt the current business form, transferring it into new BVs. We coordinate this with the tax authorities and take care of the complete establishment and inter-company agreements between the various BVs.

By this, we mean that the GmbH handles the administration and fiscal filings for corporate tax (VPB) in the Netherlands. Externally, the GmbH is entirely German. Therefore, for German customers of the GmbH, it is fully established in Germany, with a German VAT number, commercial register entry, and a German bank account. This variant is chosen, for example, by webshops that generate revenue in Germany and pay German VAT on it. Using the GmbH significantly increases revenue in Germany, as you are selling with a trusted and well-known legal form, rather than, for example, a Dutch BV.

This process is quite common, and we can handle it entirely. The sole proprietorship is transferred into the Holding BV, applying an exemption so that no taxes are paid on this transfer. The Holding BV then passes part of the business down to the Work BVs. Of course, this can also be just one Work BV. If the owner of the sole proprietorship is also the sole shareholder of the Holding BV, this process can occur without tax implications. We submit this transfer for approval to the tax authorities. We can handle the entire process, including notarial deeds and communication with the tax authorities.

We will establish an LLC or Inc. in the USA for you. It is important to place a legal entity as the shareholder for this Inc./LLC so that, in the event of a claim, the risk is limited to this legal entity. The LLC and the underlying legal entity have no assets, significantly reducing the risk of a prolonged conflict. There is nothing to be gained, making claims with (for Dutch standards) extreme amounts unlikely to succeed. This is particularly recommended for entrepreneurs who sell products they produce or process themselves.

We handle the entire process in Belgium, including the notary, the bank account where the (self-chosen) capital is deposited, registration with the Social Insurance Fund, VAT number, and we prepare the financial plan. This plan is mandatory and serves as a budget for the next three years. In the event of the Belgian BV’s bankruptcy within this period, the curator will request this financial plan from the notary. This way, it can be determined which facts in practice deviate from the initial business plan.