Dutch BV Info

Below and in the supporting pages you will find general info regarding the BV.
The Dutch BV is equal to the international company abbreviations like the Ltd, GmbH, Inc., C-Corp, IBC.
We can setup a Dutch BV for you, or your company in another country then The Netherlands.
We can also assist you in tax and accounting matters regarding this Dutch BV.


Dutch BV set up with a notary

The Dutch BV can only be setup up using a notary office which will finalize the incorporation by signing a deed. We will include in our offer the services of a notary, and make sure all necessary steps are taken (tax, legal and additional steps) to ensure the incorporation will be executed as planned. Also, agreements with the shareholders and directors will be arranged upfront, so that we can conclude these agreements in the articles of Incorporation and additional agreements.
Signing at the notary can also be done by using a power of attorney, so the incorporation can be done remotely.


What are the minimum requirements for setting up a Dutch BV?

Each BV will need 1 shareholder, 1 director (may be the same person as the shareholder) and start-up capital of at least 1-euro cent. Further, a notarial deed is necessary, and consultation in the draft of the BV (class of shares, tax information)

What is the main difference between a BV and a sole entrepreneurship in The Netherlands?
The legal protection using a BV is better regulated than a sole proprietorship, since a BV can have separate rights and obligations, and will have its own funds. The sole entrepreneurship is a natural person, and there is no strict line between business rights and obligations and personal ones. In the latter you can be personally liable. It is true that you are a sole proprietor some tax advantages cannot be used by the BV. At higher gains the BV is tax wise far more interesting than the sole proprietorship. Furthermore, the BV has a better international appearance than a sole proprietorship. However, it remains a consideration of many personal circumstances, so it is good to get in touch for a personal consultation.