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Van Lier Fiscaal Advies BV engages in (the tax guidance on) the incorporation of companies for entrepreneurs within mainly the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We also advise clients in the formation of companies in the aforementioned countries.
Important (tax) concerns here are:

  • Place of management of a corporation / Substance over Form;
  • Transfer pricing / the inter-billing within a group of legal entities and the business/logic of this;
  • Functional analysis of all tasks within a company;
  • Tax advantages of a company in a specific country
  • Establishing limited liability company or other legal form
  • We cannot assist you with corporate governance. We also cannot refer you to a foreign driver. Thus, you will have to appoint a director for the company yourself.

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We also advise entrepreneurs on emigration and immigration. Important points of interest here are:

  • Settlement on business assets in the Netherlands upon departure abroad
  • Preservative Tax Assessment;
  • Box 2 assets and pension when emigrating;
  • Starting your own business in your new country of residence and the tax conditions;

If you would like to make a no-obligation appointment about this, please contact us by email or phone. Of course, you can also use the online meeting facility. This saves you travel time, and consultation is possible through a secure environment.

Our Services

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Establishing companies

Establishing companies in the EU and US

Tax advice

Consulting on your business structure at home and abroad

Tax audits

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Changing corporate structure

Implementing changes to your business forms, such as contributions, mergers, demergers and transfers

Legal forms

Dutch BV

For entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in the Netherlands or have already been operating as entrepreneurs for some time, setting up a Dutch BV is an ideal form. The Dutch BV provides a limitation of private liability and has a better appearance than a sole proprietorship or a VOF, especially if you are doing business internationally. Start your own business now, and start your own limited liability company!

French SARL / SA

We take care of the complete establishment of a French SARL / SAS / SA including tax guidance on incorporation, contacts with lawyer/notary in France, registration in France, application for tax numbers and support in opening a local bank account with a well-known French international bank.

USA company

Doing business in the U.S. can be very interesting for an entrepreneur. Since U.S. resident status is not a determining factor for incorporation, you can also start your business in the U.S. Starting your own business in the U.S. increases your credibility with local clients and ensures efficient business.

Belgian BV

If you want to start doing business in Belgium, setting up a Belgian BV is a logical step. We take complete care of the incorporation of a Belgian limited liability company including, among other things: tax guidance on incorporation, contact with notary in Belgium, preparation of financial plan (necessary for incorporation in Belgium) and more.

English Limited

The English Limited is a legal form widely used by start-ups seeking the protection of a legal entity. Through this legal personality, private liability is limited compared to the sole proprietorship. Furthermore, the English Limited is chosen by entrepreneurs who do not want or cannot establish a limited liability company.

German GmbH

The economic interconnectedness between Germany and the Netherlands is an important pillar for Dutch entrepreneurs. To ensure that doing business in Germany can be done in a trusted manner, Dutch entrepreneurs often set up a local company, the GmbH.

Van Lier Fiscaal Advies BV

We often see entrepreneurs with a web store / Internet business wanting to have a company in Germany or Belgium only for commercial reasons. After all, their customers do not buy from a Dutch BV. Since they do not meet the substance requirements in the aforementioned countries, the German GmbH or Belgian BVBA is subject to tax in the Netherlands. We help entrepreneurs make the tax registration of these companies in the Netherlands quick and smooth. We also ensure that the tax authorities in the other countries receive a statement showing that tax payments are made in the Netherlands.

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